World Handicap System (WHS)

November 2020

The World Handicap System is expected to launch in November 2020. It is designed to make golf easier to understand and to give all golfers a handicap which is portable all around the globe.

It will replace the six different systems currently used by over 15 million golfers in more than 80 countries.

Questions & Answers

Questions and Answers

WHS Tool Kit

The toolkit will provide you with facts on key aspects of the WHS such as:

Handicap Index and how it’s calculated

Course and Slope Rating

Course Handicap

Acceptable formats for play

Provisional Course and Slope Rating

This is a provisional certificate of Course and Slope Rating, issued by England Golf to cover the period from November 2nd, 2020, until the course has been physically assessed by the WHS course rating team.

Provisional Certificate

Provisional Course Handicap Conversion Table

White Tees
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10.04.2021 06:37
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Course open, with main greens and prefered lies in play.
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